A indispensable tool for saving time and money

Pouch is an incredibly useful Chrome extension for saving both time and money online. Original People were approached to redefine the user experience and redesign the user interface of their web presence with the key goal of enhancing user conversions and plugin installations.

Building on ingenuity

Due to the nature of the technology behind Pouch, we felt a great responsibility to design a digital presence that would fully compliment the tool, and convey to consumers the convenience and value that it offers.

Hubspot integration and problem solving

With a pre-existing marketing infrastructure developed around Hubspot's marketing platform, we were tasked with developing a web presence that fully integrated into Hubspot's content management system whilst integrating their analytics suite. Designing a flexible and scalable design interface enabled us to integrate into Hubspot seamlessly.

Attracting retailers to join Pouch

Although the key objective of the design overhaul was to increase consumer engagement and plugin installations, we needed to design the platform to promote the growth of Pouch's network of retailers that are growing exponentially. We catered to retailers by designing an immersive tailored interface, outlining the benefits of joining Pouch's network.

A desktop first experience

Due to the nature of browser extensions, Pouch can only be used as a desktop browser extension at this point due to the lack of flexibility on mobile devices. In order to engage with consumers viewing the website on mobile devices, we needed to ensure that the company's message was fully conveyed, whilst ensuring that there was still scope for increasing conversion rates from mobile. By combining condensed CTA's and mobile-only email subscriptions, along with remote desktop extension installs we were able to achieve an increase and consistent growth in conversion rates from mobile effectively.